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Originally Posted by Chisquirrel View Post
Well damn. Guess I'm gonna have to try something else. I still plan on using liquid cooling - it's just so much more efficient.
Have you managed to try the experiment yet? I'm curious what cooling rate one can get from alternative sources.

I've been using hydrogen for all of mine. I get about 60 K of cooling as the gas passes through the Nullifier chamber. The in-game heat capacity of hydrogen is 2.4 kJ/(kg-K) (according to Gamepedia), and I'm pumping 0.5 kg/s. That corresponds to 72 kW of cooling.

I think this is the peak since the Nullifier is going all the time--it doesn't stop due to being too cold. But maybe there's something else going on--there's no guarantee that the Nullifier has a constant cooling rate. If it lowers the temperature of a gas regardless of density, then a high density gas might work better. Or maybe it works less well at lower temperatures.