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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
Yet again, in solving one problem I've introduced another.

I revamped my oxygen and hydrogen generation system and in the process switched water sources to a steam geyser. Great! Free water and it doesn't mix with my main cistern and kill my crops with heat.

I had it going for a few cycles... and noticed my dupes getting sick. I thought it was because they were exploring some swamp regions without suits, but that wasn't it, and vitamins were only barely helping.

Turns out that my geyser is a massive stew of infection. Some water tiles had germ counts >750,000,000! And the germs were spreading throughout my complex. Oxygen kills them but not at a high enough rate.

I went back to an older save and switched water supplies but it would be nice to use this water source. Not sure how to deal with it, though. Maybe if I pumped the oxygen through a long, twisting chamber before introducing it to my complex would give it enough time for the germs to die--not sure.
That is a really good warning. I've got a hot steam geyser that I'm pretty sure is too hot to allow germs (the chamber spends most of its time in the 70-80C range), but I also have a massive reservoir from a cool steam geyser that I did nothing for except build the reservoir under it. It's been cooling for about 30 cycles now and is going to erupt again before too long, and I've been trying to figure out what to do with it; I need to investigate it for germs, I guess.