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Look for a cool steam vent somewhere on the map. I'm not sure if every map has it, but I think I've read that all maps have at least certain things in common and that may be one of them. It erupts like a geyser periodically creating new water.

My problem has been power generation. I picked all the coal off the map. I have 3 electrolyzers going, but they don't feed a hydrogen generator consistently. Should I scale up my electrolyzer operation?

I have all the oil I could need, but with the manual oil refinery I just can't get it to work. People go down there and twist the crank a few times and come back. Is that the correct behavior? Or is there a way to make them operate it for longer? If I could get them to operate it longer, I could build up a petroleum reserve and generate a reasonable amount of power that way, as well as plastic.

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