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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
I just unlocked Geneticassist. I know, ancient history for you guys...

What do you recommend for Geneticassist settings?
If your trimps can survive for 30 seconds, set it at 30 so that you're always fighting with max Anticipation.

If you're not surviving 30 seconds, then you'll have to decide whether it's better to wait 30 seconds to breed and then fight with full Anticipation, or to be always fighting with reduced health and attack. IMHO, if you're neither surviving 30 seconds, nor quickly killing enemies at a lower breed time, then you're probably about due for a portal.

The Patience mastery changes 30 seconds to 45.

If you need a lot of health for a Spire, then turn off Geneticistassist and buy a couple hundred Geneticists.

With the latest v4.9 update, I had to switch from Limited GA Fire to Geneticistassist Fire. AutoJobs wasn't saving any trimps for Geneticists.

I've had No Gene Send set for as long as I can remember. My trimps are always fighting with full Anticipation. I don't recall how the Gene Send options were supposed to help or what undesired side effects they brought. Maybe play around with those options if your breed timer gets stuck at 1B years when you suddenly get a lot of housing, or if Geneticists are using a non-trivial amount of your food or population.

(ETA: Next time I run a Daily Challenge that kills my army every 5 seconds, I'll experiment with Gene Send to see if there's a way to improve my Anticipation without waiting to breed.)

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