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Finally made it to Spire II, ages after everyone else has apparently forgotten about this game. As before, I know it's gonna take me several more runs before I'm strong enough to beat it. I assume I'm going to need to pretty much save all my Nurseries until I get to the Spire itself, and pump as many of my tokens as I can into improving my Poison ability. Any other good tips for this Spire?

Also - Dimensional Generator. What's the optimal use of Overclocker? It seems like a good way to boost population at the expense of turning off Hybrid and not gaining Magmite. When should I be using it?

ETA: The system that generates daily challenges seems to have gone mad if today's is any indication;

Trimp max damage increased by 125% (additive).
Your Trimps have +90% Crit Chance.
Gain a stack after killing an enemy, reducing breed speed by 0.50% (compounding). Stacks cap at 400, and reset after clearing a Zone.
Enemy attack increased by 280%.
Gain a stack after killing an enemy, increasing all non Helium loot by 0.60%. Stacks cap at 500, and reset after clearing a Zone.
Trimps have 200% more attack on even numbered Zones
Enemies have a 25% chance to crit for 1200% of normal damage.
Enemy health increased by 60%.
Gain 170% more resources from gathering
40% of bad guys in the first 6 rows of the World will be mutated into Mutimps.
Trimps gain a stack of Pressure every 55 seconds. Each stack of pressure reduces Trimp health by 1%. Max of 60 stacks, stacks reset after clearing a Zone.
Enemy health in maps increased by 240%.
Enemy attack in maps increased by 180%.
Enemies gain a stack of Bloodthirst whenever Trimps die. Every 5 stacks, enemies will heal to full and gain an additive 50% attack. Stacks cap at 20 and reset after killing an enemy.
Enemies have a 2% chance to dodge your attacks on even Zones.
All housing can store 10% fewer Trimps
Trimp min damage reduced by 64% (additive).

For all of that, you get a mere 202% bonus.

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