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Originally Posted by TimeWinder View Post
Hopefully with a corresponding patch soon -- it's been really buggy for me, particularly around waypoints "wandering around," appearing in space, etc. Nothing unplayable that I've noticed, but lots of cosmetic glitches.
OK, a few non-cosmetic ones, too. It's gotten really finicky about what counts as a "base" for purposes of hireling stations and the "base computer archives" quests. E.g. you can put a science station on your frigate, and the scientist will appear there, but talking to him only gets you a "they look eager to get started, you're sure they'll be at your base soon" type message. Similarly, it seems to pick ONE of your land bases for the base computer quests, and no other base computer will do. Destroying that base moves it to another one at random(?).

On the plus side, they seem to have fixed the disappearing wrecks, and at least some of the weird "can't transfer between inventories" bugs.