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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post

Worse still, Solskjaer is the current bookies' favourite - loved him as a player and a person, don't think he's the right man for the job, Giggs would be better and that's not saying much. Next in line are Blanc and Zidane - both having had some experience but untested at more than one big club (like Mourinho...). Pochettino or Howe would be good, I think. Mark Hughes didn't even make the list - not surprisingly. But he would also be a better option that Solskjaer, in my uninformed opinion.
Solskjaer is a decent shout, IMHO, although I am surprised to see a club of Utd's stature prepared to write the season off in such a bald fashion. Keep the fans happy with someone who gets the club (LOL), he'll probably not be as bad as you would expect anyhow, and then make the play for a real manager season end. If they appointed a serious manager now, who was not their long term target, it would just complicate things. Good to see the club at least have some basic moral standards and pass over Giggs the lizard for the role.

Would love to see someone like Howe being given a crack at it but don't think it's realistic. The players couldn't be arsed putting in a shift for a legend like Mourinho, so can you imagine how they'd respond to a callow (in rel terms) guy like Howe? Bottom line is that there is a malaise about the club that appears deeply rooted - it's going to take someone special to drag them back into the light. Needs someone at that magic inflection point, an established winner but still hungry and plenty left to prove, so Poch and Zidane are obv frontrunners.
Won't be easy to land either of them, mind - Poch in particular must be pretty happy with what Spurs are doing on and off the field atm.