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Congratulations to dalej42, our winner this year.

1. Chicago Cardinals (dalej42)
2. Big Mack Attack (enalzi)
3. Hermits (The Mad Hermit)
4. Spiritus Mundane (Spiritus Mundi)
5. Baltimore Weirdos (weirddave)
6. Disgruntled Goats (motu)
7. Fourth & Nineteen (Wilson)
8. Moridwon (Hamlet)
9. Exploding Pancakes (SenorBeef)
10. Carcossa Yellow Kings (Munch)
11. Nine Inch Neils (Really Not All That Bright)
12. Omnipotents (Omniscient)
13. The Goal-den Girls (Sir T-Cups' wife)
14. The Quack Attack (Sir T-Cups)

Thanks to everyone for playing this year. Thanks again to Wilson who will be taking over commissioner next year to help lighten my load a bit (since I had to pick up commishing the dynasty league this year). So I'll let him start the thread next year. I should be available if you need any procedural help to get things started.