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I helped keep all 16 of last year's aged picks alive for another full year, but they can't all hold out for another year (although I hope they do!) I've added Mel Brooks, who was inexplicably left off last year's list, and removed Peggy Dow from the alternates.

As I said last year, I'm playing the odds, not going for points, even though that strategy didn't exactly pay off! The maximum I could get, if all of these wonderful actors dropped dead in early January, is 41. The first four are over 100 already. (They seem to be proving George Burns right when he said, "If you make it to 100, you've got it made, because very few people die past 100.")

Norman Lloyd
Olivia de Havilland
Kirk Douglas
Marsha Hunt
Carol Channing
Betty White
Carl Reiner
Doris Day
Eva Marie Saint
Dick van Dyke
June Lockhart
Angela Lansbury
Mel Brooks

Sidney Poitier
Joe Turkel
Conrad Janis