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Originally Posted by DSYoungEsq View Post
Some cracking goals in today's game, and an amazing amount of agonizing almost-goals.
Amazing stuff.

I was disappointed in the result, but not in the performance by Liverpool. They could just as easily have drawn or won the game. It's going to be a fascinating few months, and I'll be interested to see what effect European play has on the durability of the teams.
Originally Posted by Snarky_Kong View Post
Well, the league's not over yet. Very even game between Man City and Liverpool. Although I think I agree with Klopp that Kompany should have been sent off for his challenge on Salah. Likely a different result if that happens.
Yep. If Salah is an inch or two slower, and Kompany crashes into his shins instead of his foot, then he probably gets a red card. On the other hand, there are some referees who might have given City a penalty for the challenge on Sterling in the box. Both were judgment calls, and I'm not going to be too critical of the officials.

Small piece of trivia: no team in Premier League history has won 15 or more of their first 20 games and then failed to win the League. This year, that will happen to two teams, as Liverpool, Man City, and Spurs all won 15 (or more) out of their first 20, and only one of them can win it all.