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Originally Posted by Jackknifed Juggernaut View Post
Is something like this the decision of the umpire? Or why wouldn’t teams sub batsmen in and out?

Another question: oftentimes, umpires will use DRS to confirm that the bowler’s foot was not too forward prior to a wicket. Why don’t they also check the bowler’s arm? I’ve watched a bit of this West Indies- England test series and thought that Roach’s arm was slightly bent on at least one occasion. Or is this simply too much of a judgement call? I’ve now been watching cricket for a while, and don’t recall a bowler ever being caught for a bent arm toss.
You can "retire hurt" as you want, and you can return to bat at the fall of a wicket. It's not normally an advantage to split your innings like that, though, so it's not abused. They don't get to use an extra batsman, and if you're not available when the final available wicket falls, you don't get to bat (but you are "not out")

They tend to reserve the checking for suspect actions for review after the games, as it got too political when they would no ball someone during a game.