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Originally Posted by Uzi View Post
Last episode:
Overweight neurotic giggly ensign beats obviously fitter shipmates (even after stopping to chat with spore friend) in long distance run.
Said ensign has meltdown in front of Captain during training exercise and announces removal from command training. Later gets back on training track after finally admitting to hallucinations and saying "sorry".

First of all, fatness is cured 200 years in the future. This isn't like Picard not caring about curing his baldness as baldness doesn't affect his capability to perform his duties. So, every time I see this person I have to wonder how she got by the selection board.

Secondly, getting infected by spores isn't a disqualifier from command, not telling anyone about having hallucinations should. Why isn't there a standing order that requires reporting unusual activity to a supervisor or at least log it (so that the computer can flag 'crazy' to command)? Given that there doesn't appear to be such an order, command candidates should have the intelligence to determine that having hallucinations could affect their ability to perform their job function and potentially endanger others on the ship. Michael is also guilty of this.
I actually sat around trying to think who was the first 'heavy woman' to appear in Star Trek (Mudd was first male of course),,,,I think Worf's mom was what I came up with. I'm not counting Lwaxana Troi cause she's legacy casting.

I got no problem with Tilly* and I appreciate that nothing (that i've heard) was said about how "progressive her body-positivity casting was!!!".

*If she'd dial it back. And yes her beating fitter people screams Mary-Sue. In fact the whole show screams Mary-Sue for her and Burnham

Today I noted how in the past, it was the GOOD GUYS who are xenophobic extremists. The Vulcans, Humans and Bajorans. Now of course we can't have that.

Edit: And the thing that would negate Burnham's Mary-Sueness....her conviction for TREASON...makes no sense. What she did wasn't treason, it was mutiny. And the same level of mutiny we've seen before. See Garrovick punching Kirk. But I don't find it surprising at all that DISC writers don't know what treason is.

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