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Comfortable win for Australia. Comfortable win for the Windies. Neither of the losing sides can have any complaints.

No real point in getting into England - they need to prize their wickets more highly but probably don't have skills to do it - and the solutions won't be found in the touring party they have. Whether there are any options in county cricket is a difficult question. Not that I can see. We could really do with Haseeb Hameed putting his last two years of dreadful form behind him and coming good. There was a bloke who I thought was going to be the new Boycott/Cook and just grind away at the top of the order. The rest of them, bar Root, don't average much more than 30. This is not good enough, bluntly.

Windies have been really good but Jason Holder has been suspended for a match for slow over rates. A lot of the cricket commentariat I follow are grumbling about this (they're playing winning cricket, the match finished in 3 days, it's good for the Windies to be captained by a guy who is leading them back, etc) - to which I say bollocks, in particular to the idea that the matched finished in 3 days so it's not an issue. Tell that to the guy who forked over for a day's cricket and didn't get a full day because he was watching guys stand around. I wish this was rigidly enforced -- England are not blameless here and could stand to have some sanctions come their way - as slow over rates are a pox on cricket. My Ashes tickets at The Oval are 100+ a day. You'd best believe I want the 90 overs I paid for, and the ICC is right to safeguard the paying punter over some of these sort of romantic objections to enforcing the rules.