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I skimmed over the thread to avoid any spoilers, but it seems like the reception so far is not great. Is it worth watching this year?

I haven't really thought about it until now. Wasn't a big fan of last season. The most interesting part of last season was Lorca, and it turns out that he's only interesting because he was an alternate universe character. Apparently main universe characters are not allowed to be interesting.

I also fucking hated the "oh let's pat ourselves on the back for maintaining federation values and not wiping out the klingons when they literally have a genocidal force coming to wipe humanity out in our solar system" ending of last year. Made no sense to me. If someone is literally minutes from wiping out your home planet and most of your race, I would fucking say "game on" to whatever you could do to them.

But on the plus side, there was.... um.... Saru is kind of a cool character.