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I've watched some videos on ST legal rights and different companies and timelines and cats and dogs living together oh the humanity!!

Right now Star Trek....imagine the different iterations of DC comics...Pre-Crisis, Crisis, New 52, Flashpoint,....I'm sure I'm forgetting some. That's what Star Trek is right now EXCEPT it's *legally required* to be different from previous iterations. What a headache.

Basically IMHO, barring all of the ST licenses coming under one banner, Discovery wont make it past next season, if its renewed at all. I doubt the Picard series gets made or we see a new Kelvin movie. NOW if they do merger CBS and paramount and the two Viacoms (dont ask)...then they COULD use the Picard series and a season 3 or 4 to "fix" the timelines. I'd be onboard with that.

Now I'm sure there are people who say "What does it matter? Why can't we just have Discovery stories and not care if it matches up with canon?" Well, I guess you could if the stories were good as stand-alone stories and not propped up by nostalgia and old characters. But they are. And if the the timbers propping up the stories are rotten...then people arn't going to watch.

I'm ranting. Sorry.