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Also, it kinda bugs me how they introduce new things we haven't seen in the other series, only to then have to come up with some justification for why we haven't seen them. So the Federation had holographic communication tech all the time, it's just that the Enterprise didn't have it because Pike thought it looked too much like ghosts...

If you want to be unshackled by continuity, don't make a prequel. I mean, I even would've been fine with just not addressing such issues---the image we have of the future is bound to change over time, and new series will reflect that. As long as it's nothing critical to the plot, I can forgive an older ship not having the buttons and dials the Enterprise had; it's just a visual representation. It's more important to look future-y.

But this half-and-half sort of deal---introduce something new, then try to handwave it away---just highlights every inconsistency.
Is that what happened with the screens? I thought they'd just eventually say that holo-tech has an exploit or potential hack (see NuBSG) and they'd shelve it. It also looks like they're going to find a way to get rid of the Spore Drive soon too. Which I'm fine with. Why introduce it all??? It's way too frigging powerful.