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So, the third test in a dead rubber, now the WIndies are 2-0 up.

Decent from England yesterday. Some dodgy moments outside off stump, but they generally put more value on their wickets and it showed, no Authority was Stamped but they stayed in and got some runs, and sat pretty at around 230/4 at the end of the day.

Then they threw it all away in the first session, all out for 277. Good bowling though.

After another 50 opening partnership by the WIndies, though, the English bowlers are starting to have a little fun themselves, and have them pegged at 59/4.

Jackknifed Juggernaut, there are different criteria for wides, yes. And "negative bowling", trying to prevent scoring instead of trying to take wickets, is absolutely a thing. It's not "Bowling poorly" though, it's bowling to prevent scoring, and there are batting tactics to use against it.