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Originally Posted by Jackknifed Juggernaut View Post
Is there a different criteria for wide balls in test cricket, versus limited overs games? I donít see wides called when I watch test cricket often.
Substantial difference.

In the BBL the creases are now marked with additional blue lines.

In a BBL T20 a ball passing outside the blue line on the off-side would be called a wide, in Test cricket it would need to be outside the (white) return crease to be called a wide.
On the leg-side the distinction is even more pronounced. Any delivery passing down the leg-side in a T20 is probably going to be called as wide, even if it pitches on the stumps and spins. In Tests a leg-side wide would again need to be pitching outside the (white) return crease.

Finally a delivery bouncing over the head of the batsman will be called as a wide in T20 but exceptionally rarely called in Tests.

Also, I noticed that a wide ball that went past the keeper to the boundary was called a 4-wides in a test match, but a 5-wides in an ODI or T20
A delivery called wide which went to the boundary in Test, ODI or T20 would score 5 in all three formats and the delivery is rebowled. What you may have seen in the Test was a errant/wide delivery which was not called a wide and therefore scored 4 byes. These really piss off the wicketkeeper as it is marked as being their error but isn't marked against the bowler.