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Originally Posted by DCTrekkie View Post
From bits and pieces I've picked up from various articles there was a lot of stuff forced onto the showrunners by the studio, and from Bryan Fullers original pitch. In particular the whole Klingon war idea, which is why they ignored it for half the season to go and visit the mirror universe. I wouldn't be surprised if they were under orders to make things different and more futuristic than previous shows, with things like the holoscreens to show off some vfx.

Having been successful in the first season it seems like the showrunners have been given more freedom, and are trying to correct things. Killing some of the advanced tech will help, and I'm hoping the current klingon storyline will eventually get them more like the established Klingon culture. I still don't like the Klingons as they are now, but they have improved over last season.

I am slightly concerned where they're going with Section 31 though, it doesn't seem secretive enough based on their DS9 appearances, but I am liking Emperor Captain Georgiou.

Also, is no-one going to mention

Number One

Yes, always a favorite of mine, a tribute.