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The dealing machine has been at it again. Yesterday my partner held void QJ986 AK1086543 void. Game all. Partner opened 1S (of course) and RHO bid... 2D! She passed and it came back to me and I doubled. Partner passed this (of course) and her LHO rescued with... 2H! Before she could get a chance to apply the axe to this, RHO bid 2NT, doubled and all passed.

Opponents have a 5-0 diamond "fit", getting a 8-0 break; a 4-4 spade fit, getting a 5-0 break, and a 5-3 club fit, getting a 5-0 break. They only went 2 down in 2NT as whenever anyone got on lead they were endplayed.

The 2D overcaller had KJ54 K QJ972 AK8. I think I would overcall 1NT with that.