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Originally Posted by merrick View Post
I'm have trouble parsing this as well - am I right that the "Partner" who opened 1S was your partner's partner (i.e. you) and the bidding went:
1S - 2D - P(!) - P
Dbl - P - P - 2H
P - 2NT - Dbl - All P ?
Correct. Sorry it was confusing.

I wouldn't overcall 1NT on KJ54 K QJ972 AK8 with 1S on my right and two players yet to speak. If the singleton K was Clubs, then maybe, but as it stands there's way too much chance of winding up in 3H or 4H on a 5-1 fit.
Partner does not expect any more than two hearts, so is unlikely to be bidding higher with only five of them. And stiff king is better than two small anyway. For example, K opposite AQxxx plays for one loser 63% of the time. xx opposite AQxxx plays for one loser 18% of the time.

The benefit of 1NT is that it gets your values across and you don't have to bid a crappy suit at the 2-level. With 8 or 9 points partner could easily pass 2D when you have a game on.