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Originally Posted by Mahaloth View Post
I think it fizzles.
...Taika and Jermaine aren't in the "Hollywood machine" though. From an interview:

Originally Posted by Taikia
While committed to the project, Waititi — who has his tongue firmly planted in his cheek in most on-camera interviews — warned fans not to expect the sequel any time in the immediate future. “You aren’t going to see it for seven years,” said Waititi. “We are notoriously terrible at writing together, Jemaine and I. Usually takes place over emails. So we’ll email each other one line of dialogue once a month. ‘What We Do in the Shadows’ took six years to write.”

And if you have an hour to spare, listen to him speak at length on writing, and his processes here.

He writes a script. Then shoves it into a drawer, then leaves it there for literally years. Then when he eventually pulls the script out again and effectively re-writes it. So "We're Wolves" hasn't fizzled: its just being written on "kiwi-time."

This is the second TV show, though. They also had a pretty bad spinoff comedy called Wellington Paranormal featuring the police from the original movie.
I don't think it was objectively "bad." I loved it to death and thought it was brilliant. But it was however very "New Zealand", and very very "Wellington", and many of the jokes (like "the Realm, Hataitai", which had me in hysterics) would have been incomprehensible outside of their local context, and even people outside of Wellington wouldn't have gotten that joke. It was made for NZ audiences and it was very successful here. WWDITS is made more for an international audience, the US in particular, so the humour is more likely to hit the mark over there.