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It's like a weird power and control issue for some people--I'm lucky in that the people I choose to spend time with are sensitive to others and don't make a big friggin' deal out of dietary restrictions regardless of the origin. Although we do get really judgy on our one friend who had her pancreas removed, doesn't test her blood sugars often enough and is therefore all over the scale and who goes out to breakfast and wants nothing but carbs--with syrup. Her we rag on because she gone kill herself with her fork if she doesn't pay attention and wise up.

But yeah, people who just can't take no for an answer are super irritating. I'm on restricted carbs and if someone tries to push cake or the like on me I just say "Sorry, that's not in my food plan" and refuse to engage further on the subject. It doesn't really matter if someone doesn't eat something because it makes them feel queasy, or they just don't like it or they go into anaphylactic shock--well, it DOES but only in severity. My BFF won't touch any sort of fish or shellfish and she's very non-adventurous about even slightly unusual meats so lamb is off the table. Just means I don't invite her over when I'm grilling salmon or have a leg of lamb in the oven. I did have to have a word with her about doing the "Eww YUCK!" thing when I eat things she doesn't like--she wasn't aware how often she was doing it and when called on it she stopped doing it because it really is rude to be audibly critical of another person's food preferences.

If I'm cooking for a group I ask if there are any allergies/aversions I should know about and especially if any of the reactions are severe enough to warrant keeping an Epi-Pen around. I've cooked banquets for hundreds of people and haven't killed anyone yet and I don't aim to start now.