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Maybe a bit of a tangent, but my impression is that much "young adult" fashion shows a lot of skin or emphasizes curves/muscles that aren't exactly strong points for most older men and women. Kinda a corollary to "Most people look better if they cover some things up." I generally think most men and women are more attractive if they "dress their age" - or at least within a decade or so of it. I'm talking about women in their 30s-40s who dress/make-up from Forever 21. Or middle aged men with beer bellies who readily take off their shirts.

As far as work goes, it is always safest to go with something somewhat conservative - at least until you get the job and understand the workplace culture. Dockers and a polo shirt will be good interviewing just about any place, and a shirt and tie would not be likely to be too out of place. Come to think of it, dockers and a polo would be "age appropriate" for just about anyone, from grade school to the retirement home! If you are interviewing someplace that considers itself very hip or "arty", or trying to impress/appeal to that sorta folk, adjust accordingly. Same with anyplace very conservative/formal/snooty.

Times change. I remember when Seinfeld had George wearing sweatpants, which they described as advertising that he had "given up." Now I see folk wearing PJ pants to walk the dog, go to the store... Wear what you want. But then don't complain if it appears that folk draw conclusions from your attire.

One reason (most) lawyers tend to dress very conservatively is that they do not want their clothes to distract from what they say.
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