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Originally Posted by kambuckta View Post
I think I've mentioned this before, but it amazes me as I'm getting older, that regular women not ten years older than me are wearing 'old lady clothes' that I recall when my own grandmother was a similar age. You know, sensible skirts and pants, cardigans, etc. . . . What the hell happened?
Sensible skirts and pants are the classics. They don't go out of style and force you to buy more clothes.

You must be a bit younger than me. Grandma A always wore house-dresses. Pants were for men. Grandma B would wear first capris, and later polyester pants, but then she thought of herself as daring. I was in junior high when, controversially, they started letting the girls wear pants on Fridays. Not jeans, of course. Jeans were strictly forbidden. And technically so were nylons, although that had been ignored for years.

Originally Posted by doreen View Post
I'm not sure how old you are, but at 56, I don't dress like my mother did at 56. I also don't dress like I did at 36 or 46 , and at 78, my mother doesn't dress like my grandmother did in her 60s. I suspect that your idea of "old lady clothes" may have changed a bit over time. Sure , there are differences as people age- I wear lower heels than I used to and I wear cardigans more often now ( oddly, because I 'm often too warm and need to wear sleeveless blouses - you can't strip the sleeves off a long-sleeved blouse.) But my mother gave up jeans in her thirties and wore polyester pants at my age while my grandmother usually dressed like Edith Bunker. (who was supposed to be in her forties when All In the Family started) .

ETA Oh, and although I basically live in jeans when I'm not working, the closest my mother (and her contemporaries) came to jeans at my age was some elastic waist things with a "jeans pattern" printed on them. 14
I'm seeing a possible pattern of no nylons. I totally support ditching nylons.