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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
Of the people you're dressing for.

If I may be allowed a rant, this thread brings up one of my pet peeves.

I cannot begin to guess how many times I've been in a nice restaurant or some such location and seen a couple where the woman is clearly dressed in an outfit she put some thought and effort into; a nice dress, matching shoes, jewelry and handbag chosen perfectly, hair nice. The man, however, is wearing jeans and running shoes and just threw on whatever shirt was available.

Personally, I wouldn't dream of doing that to my wife. If we're going to a place where she puts special effort into her ensemble, I should do so as well. It isn't hard to put on a nice pair of pants, a nice pair of shoes, and to make sure your outfit works.

Anyway, that's my pet peeve.
I agree with your statement. I feel that both people in a situation like that need to dress similarly to each other. Unless if it's a causal dinner, but still.