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Originally Posted by RickJay View Post
I cannot begin to guess how many times I've been in a nice restaurant or some such location and seen a couple where the woman is clearly dressed in an outfit she put some thought and effort into; a nice dress, matching shoes, jewelry and handbag chosen perfectly, hair nice. The man, however, is wearing jeans and running shoes and just threw on whatever shirt was available.

Personally, I wouldn't dream of doing that to my wife. If we're going to a place where she puts special effort into her ensemble, I should do so as well. It isn't hard to put on a nice pair of pants, a nice pair of shoes, and to make sure your outfit works.
Speaking as a public-people-watcher, thanks! I don't judge anyone for preferring to be the "sloppy half" of a sartorially mismatched couple, but I do enjoy seeing a couple stepping out with similar dapperness levels. I know it's merely a kind of informal community performance art, but what's wrong with informal community performance art?

Other "community performance art events" I enjoy:

- A crowd of summer daytime wedding guests milling around in the sunshine in a riot of cheerful pastels and colors, rather than a funereal-looking assortment of little black dresses.

- Dressed-up people whose outerwear and baggage (purses, attache cases, etc.) looks like a put-together outfit with their hat and shoes, rather than just a shabby bag-lady disguise for a decent-looking outfit underneath (I sin against this principle myself all the time, I'm sorry to say).

- Little children in garments with animal ears/tails/scales/whatever: so cuuuuuute and Where the Wild Things Are-ish.

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