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Questions about Jacoby 2NT playing 5-card majors.

(1) Does anyone play that that bid is allowed with 3-card support? It seems to me that over 1H, any other bid with, e.g. Ax-AQx-Kxxx-xxxx, just muddies the waters unnecessarily.

(2) In response to 2NT, opener is supposed to bid 4M, 3NT, 3M with a minimum, above-minimum, or strong hand respectively. My regular partner insists that this is unnecessary precision as to strength and that 3NT should show a 5-3-3-2 suitable for play in No Trump. Do y'all agree with me that he's wrong?

(3) Some advocate that in response to 2NT, opener needs a sound opener (13 hcp OR a good suit) to show his shortness; with 12hcp or less AND a mediocre suit he should bid 4M despite the singleton. This makes sense to me. What do others think? (Replace the 13/12 hcp with 12/11 hcp if you open super-light.)

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