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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
Questions about Jacoby 2NT playing 5-card majors.

(1) Does anyone play that that bid is allowed with 3-card support? It seems to me that over 1H, any other bid with, e.g. Ax-AQx-Kxxx-xxxx, just muddies the waters unnecessarily.
I have seen it, but rarely. I do not. With the hand given, you bid 2D then 4H next time. There's no need to bid 4-card suits up the line when you intend to support hearts next, so you should show your better suit.

(2) In response to 2NT, opener is supposed to bid 4M, 3NT, 3M with a minimum, above-minimum, or strong hand respectively. My regular partner insists that this is unnecessary precision as to strength and that 3NT should show a 5-3-3-2 suitable for play in No Trump. Do y'all agree with me that he's wrong?
I agree with you. You have used up lots of room with the 2NT bid so to bid 3NT without giving any indication of strength means you get to the 4-level before being able to explore. And how often do you want to play in 3NT when you hold a 5-4 major suit fit?

(3) Some advocate that in response to 2NT, opener needs a sound opener (13 hcp OR a good suit) to show his shortness; with 12hcp or less AND a mediocre suit he should bid 4M despite the singleton. This makes sense to me. What do others think? (Replace the 13/12 hcp with 12/11 hcp if you open super-light.)
I posted elsewhere that I think the jump to 4M is a weakness of traditional J2NT responses. I prefer a bid of 3C to show a minimum. Responder then has a means of asking for shortness (3D). However, if not playing that method, I prefer to show shortage if I have it to avoid preempting partner with a 4M bid.

Here is an article on J2NT and alternative responses.