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I'm a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to fashion and dressing. I grew up poor so it wasn't like I had much options with what I wore back then. Now I am 50 and I work professionally from a home office and travel to client meetings. My daughters (4 and 9 months) are both in day care at a very good early childhood care facility. I drop them off each morning then return home to my home office. I assume the many of the other parents may draw the wrong impression of me because frankly it is 7 in the morning and I'm headed back to my home office so I'm wearing whatever I took off the night before. That may be sweatpants and hoodie/t-shirt, that may be jeans and a hoodie/t-shirt/polo, but in most cases it is very, very casual. Most of the other parents are in professional attire, from business casual, business suits, or for the nurses/doctors maybe scrubs. Basically, I probably look like an unemployed overweight middle-aged loser when in reality I'm employed. :-D

Now, if we are going out to dinner with friends or attending an event then I dress in ways that are more appropriate to my age, income level, and the image I want to portray publicly. I'm a bit overweight so I don't dress in clothing made for 20 year olds but I dress appropriately to my body type yet still fashionable and well-finished.

I think the biggest mistake people make when they are older is continuing to dress as they did when they are younger.
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