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Originally Posted by carlb View Post
I loved the original run for a number of reasons, but mostly because it was the first cooking show I had seen that explained the whys of cooking.
I was an OK home cook before that show, but I was a slavish recipe-follower. After Good Eats, I started deviating. I was able to look at a recipe and have a better idea of how it was going to turn out, where I could make ingredient substitutions, or how to improve on it.
This was me, to a T, except I hated cooking. A gourmet meal was spaghetti with sauce from a jar, and super gourmet included frozen meatballs added to the sauce.

Today, people seem to love my cooking, but they’re always disappointed when I can’t provide a recipe, because, well, I just improvise. This has the unfortunate effect that I never really make the same dish twice, in that I have no consistent method of measuring. Except baking, of course, which is chemistry and requires exacting standards.

The number of cooking science books that I have now takes up quite a bit of shelf space, including, yes, the famously expensive Modernist Cuisine. A.B. is my culinary hero.

(Funny thing: he’s often quoted as having said his least favor episode is “Scrap Iron Chef” from season 5, but this is the first episode I ever saw, having randomly landed on the otherwise stupid Food Network while channel surfing. It hooked me instantly.)