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Originally Posted by SurrenderDorothy View Post
I think I'm going to go with black duct tape and get metallic sharpies and have people sign it and/or draw on it myself. Then maybe add some nerdy stickers to it. I was considering chalkboard tape and chalk, but I think duct tape will hold up better.

More than decoration, I need a bag/caddy thing because both hands are occupied with the process of walking when I use it. And those... I've looked high and low and haven't found one I even remotely like. There are a few very basic kind of medical-looking black ones and I'll probably go with that option. The rest are aggressively geared toward cheerful old ladies and I... am not a cheerful old lady. Maybe I'll add a couple button pins or iron-on patches to make it look more... uh... punk rock?
Even though this might be in the cheerful old lady category, would you take a crocheted one? Did a quick search and I did see patterns without lacy details and I bet I could make some skulls or lightning to make it a bit less old lady-ish.