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I bought and installed a Sony XAV-AX1000 audio/video system unit for my car, primarily because I wanted to be able to use a USB stick to play my music collection. The unit reads the USB just fine and displays the content...but not in any discernible order. The folders (artist and album) are not in alphabetical order, in order of size, or in order of date of creation. It appears random. The folder "Eagles, The" can appear at any location at all when I try to scroll down the list of artists. This is extremely difficult to do when I'm driving.

I've tried different solutions, like experimenting with date of creation, and even posted to the Sony car audio forum. Nothing. The best I can do is have another level of folders (A-B, C-D, E-F, etc.) to get the list of subfolders as short as possible. Even then, the artists are not in alphabetical order in the subfolders. Strangely, the tracks themselves are in the proper track order once I find an album.

Of course, I discovered this after spending several hours getting everything installed and working. Drives me nuts whenever I use the unit.