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Originally Posted by SenorBeef View Post
So what? What relevance does that have to mass shooters? 25% of Canadian households own a gun compared to 45% of American households. Yet Canada's mass shooting rate isn't 60% as high as America's mass shooting rate. Who cares about number of guns? It's about access. If someone wanted to go on a shooting spree with a shotgun in Canada it would be very achievable.

Are you trying to make some sort of nonsensical argument that 1 gun per person leads to a lot of mass shootings, but less than 1 gun per person leads to practically zero?

There are so many nonsensical arguments about this sort of thing. When comparing to Switzerland, people note that military aged males have a real-deal assault rifle, not some looks-like-a-military-weapon-but-doesn't-function-like-one "assault weapon" - when asked why they aren't committing mass shootings, someone honestly said "well because their ammo is sealed and they have to account for it" - uh, what? Someone deciding to go on a big spree killing feels bound not to break the plastic seal on his ammunition?

Just nonsensical special pleading. Civilian gun ownership is not a uniquely American thing. Glorifying and giving incredible amounts of media attention to spree killers is. It correlates much more highly to the specific scenarios we're talking about than does gun ownership in general.
Originally Posted by Velocity View Post
I hate to say "Americans are just a more violent people in general" but I can't see any other explanation for it. You can filter out things like gun ownership rate, violent entertainment, etc. and the USA is still significantly ahead of other Westernized nations in mass shootings. There is simply no explanation other than that Americans are more prone to having mass shooters in their midst. Sure, the prevalence of guns helps enable it, but filtering even that out, Americans are just more violent.

I agree that guns are overblown as a cause but as Velocity says, US culture may be more prone to violence. The US ranks 90th in the world in homicide rate*, near countries like Ecuador and Zambia. I remember some documents from StatCan showing that even the non-gun homicide rate is higher in the US than in Canada. Ordinary homicides aren't done for publicity yet they're notably higher in the US than in Canada. US media amplifies that.