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I think a key issue here is whether it was or was not pretty standard practice to split up twins or triplets when adopting them out. I oppose doing that, and my heart aches when hearing about how they used to bang their heads against the wall (they had, after all, been together for six whole months--an eternity in baby time--in addition to the time in the womb. But if that was just what was done anyway, then studying the results presents a golden opportunity.

ETA: We can also wonder if it was unethical to put one of them in a household they knew was authoritarian (that dad, BTW, seems to have mellowed in his dotage). But it really was an open question at that time as to whether that was a legitimate parenting style, maybe even the best style. Hell, some people still believe it is!

And of course lifesaving cancer and heart disease drugs are tested by giving some sick people a placebo. When they find out the drug works, it's often because more people in the placebo group died. Was it unethical to test it that way?

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