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Originally Posted by Dr. Strangelove View Post
I loaded F:NV up this weekend and started a new playthrough. I had forgotten just how much was lost going from F:NV to F4, let alone F4 to F76. F4 wasn't bad, but for every improvement (graphics, base building) a few things were lost (role playability, meaningful dialogue, complex character building). Never mind that F76 is worse than F4 in just about every way. Also, Old World Blues may be my favorite DLC expansion of any game, ever.
I can't make myself re-install and play FO:NV. I'm afraid it'll destroy my fondness for FO4 after I'm forcibly reminded of how badly it suffers in comparison in most RPG playability aspects. Bethesda can't write their way out of a cheap nylon bag.

The only good FO games were written by Obsidian. Which is why (slight off-topic diversion) the next Fallout title I'm buying isn't a Fallout title at all.