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Originally Posted by Hoopy Frood View Post
Not true. The original Fallout was made by the guys who would go on to form Troika after they left Interplay. Even though FO2 had better mechanics (no more getting trapped on bridges), FO1 had a better storyline and fewer gratuitous pop-culture references.
How do you mean? Interplay published them both, they just started their new internal development studio for the second one. Same dudes were involved in whole or part: Cain, Urquhart, Boyarsky, Taylor. Avellone was new for 2.

I like 2 better in almost every way. The plot for the first game was completely missed if you spend too long dicking around (Ron Perlman: "The town of X was destroyed. The town of Y is no more. The town of Z..."), and that's par for the course in these types of games. Companion AI wasn't great in either game, but at least they didn't try to kill you as much in the second one.