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Tonight I saw what was definitely a Lamborghini, but I'm having trouble identifying exactly which model it was (as I've said several times before, I'm not that well versed in exotics). I thought the car I saw had pop-up headlights, and the only thing in Wikipedia's list of Lamborghini automobiles that looks remotely like what I saw with pop-up headlights would be a 1990s Diablo. But I turned around as it passed and got a look at the back, and the back didn't look like any of the pictures of Diablos I can find. Namely it had "Lamborghini" in a script font across the back, which doesn't appear in any pictures of Diablos I can find. The back really looked more like a Gallardo. My best guess is that I remembered wrong and the car didn't actually have pop-up headlights, and the car I saw was actually a Gallardo.