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Originally Posted by epbrown01 View Post
The MGB would fare poorly, weighed down by the extra two hundred thousand dollars its owner will still have.
I just checked, and the Porsche 356 is selling for a lot more than I remember. Still, they're nowhere near that expensive. A nice one can cost $50,000 or more -- twice as much as I remember from the early-2000s. I've seen fully-restored '62 to '66 MGBs sell for up to $35,000, though they can be had for $10,000. Of course, Mk.I MGBs can be had for much less, since 'B's are one of the most-produced sports cars ever built. Anyway...

The 356C (1964-1965) had a 1.6 l, 95 hp, four-cylinder engine, and weighed up to 2,300 pounds. The Mk.I MGB (1962-1967) had a 1.8 l, 95 hp, four cylinder engine, and weighed up to 2,400 pounds. A cursory search says the Porsche has a top speed of 115 mph, and the MG has a top speed of 105 mph. But MGs were available with overdrive. A couple of weeks ago I was driving my '66 pretty fast. The speedometer is wonky, and I don't think I hit 90 mph. But I still had plenty of power to go faster in overdrive. I'll have to use my GPS next time I take it out, though I'm just responsible enough to not attempt to find the top speed on a public thoroughfare. At least not in Washington.

The cars have the same horsepower and similar weights. At least with overdrive in the MG, they seem to have similar speeds. My MG handles like it's telepathic. I've never driven a 356; but my 911SC had telepathic handling, so I assume its precursor would handle well too.