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Celery exists in four forms:

1) Celery seed. This is a delicious flavoring if used judiciously (don't overdo it, because it is strong) in broth making, or added to a stew or soup.

2) Celery leaves. These should be used because waste is bad and celery leaves are harmless. Chop them finely and throw them into a soup, stew, stir-fry, casserole, whatever. They won't hurt, and if you are lucky they may add color, flavor, and nutrition.

3) Celery stalks. If they are stringy, and you want to eat them as is, peel them and throw out the nasty outer stringy bits. In my experience, the greener the celery, the more likely you'll have to de-string before consuming. Otherwise, a stalk or two of celery thrown into the crockpot while broth-making is a perfectly good way to use up celery. (The rubbery, cooked, and now-flavorless stalks get removed when the the broth is strained. You can also chop the celery very fine so you don't have to worry about stringiness, and sauté it for adding to raw hamburger patties or Cajun food or whatever.

4) Dried sliced celery stalks from Penzey's. Good if you want to make a broth or stew, but don't have fresh celery to throw in.

That's all I got. If celery in every form were to vanish from the Earth tomorrow, I wouldn't care much. But it's here, so I use it.
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