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Originally Posted by BrotherCadfael View Post
The best way to select celery that has some taste is to go out into the garden, pick it, and use it immediately.

^^This^^. Garden grown celery has much more flavor than store bought, it's not as bitter and, since you can pick it young, is less fibrous. We love snapping a stalk off and snacking away while doing other gardening. I dehydrate the leaves to go in my "greens" seasoning mix (whatever edible greens in the garden like broccoli and its leaves, sage, chives and wild greens like lamb's quarter and wild grape leaves).

I'll have to look up celery root and it's usages/harvesting time. The whole plant gets pulled come salsa making time so I might make something with it. Oh... Celeriac. Hmm, I bet my celery root is edible but won't be as large or as tasty as Celeriac. But I'll give it a try this Fall.