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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
Oh, absolutely. It's the mutant bulb from hell.

It's good for anything that requires long cooking times - stocks, stews and the like. If you'd put celery in something and cook it for over an hour or two, you should use celery root instead.

Bear in mind that the edible root comes from a different strain of celery than the kind used for the stalks - Celeriac.
Ah, that makes a lot of sense. I assumed it probably was a different variety, just looking at it, but wasn't sure. It's also good in soups and stews cut up into cubes and cooked for about the same amount of time as you would cook potatoes. My Hungarian goulash soup, for instance, towards the end of cooking time gets potatoes, carrots, and celeriac (cut into about the same sized pieces as the potatoes) put into it. (But celariac is fairly strong, so I use a lot less by weight/volume than potatoes. Maybe one small celery root for a pound of potatoes.)

It's also nice mashed with potatoes.