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The longevity of Federer, Serena, Nadal and Djokovic

What is it about these special individuals that allows them to be the best in history AND the maintain these levels for the longest periods of time? Tennis has historically been a sport in which the loftiest of careers begin their downturn when a player reaches their mid- to late-20ís. These players are all well into their 30ís. Besides coincidence, the possibilities that come to my mind are:

1) Fitness, nutrition and medical science - the advances in these areas allow them to be more efficient with their bodies, cause less internal wear and tear, and facilitate faster recovery from injuries. This would make sense, but I would also consider that all the other players have access to these as well.

2) Watered down competition- perhaps tennis isnít played as much by top athletes.

And unfortunately,

3) Performance enhancing drugs- could these athletes have access to PEDís that are undetectable and unavailable to other players? Could the ATP and WTP be allowing these players to bypass testing? Thereís certainly no evidence for either of these types of conspiracies, but the history of professional sports is filled with athletes trying to gain a chemical advantage.
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