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Sadly, I think Star Citizen IS becoming the "future" of gaming. That is to say, grandiose, crowd-sourced, early alpha release, open world games that promise unprecedented levels of interactivity and content and ultimately either fall short or wallow in development indefinitely. I've seen this in both the "sci fi universe simulator" genre with games like Spore, Space Engineers, No Mans Sky, Elite Dangerous and others as well as the survival genre with games like DayZ, H1Z1, Rust, SCUM, etc.

I don't think it has anything to do with "creatives" vs "beancounters". It has more to do with a) being able to turn an abstract concept into an actual playable game and b) the difficulty in creating a real working universe with enough content to actually be interesting.

What seems to happen is these games linger on for years in a sort of development hell with a user community divided between "fuck these scam artists" and "this game will be awesome when it's finally released". At some point, the development house declares "Mission Accomplished" and some buggy, crappy version of the game gets "released". Maybe a version is also ported over to XBox or Playstation. Of course, by then no one cares because no one plays it anymore.