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Originally Posted by Go_Arachnid_Laser View Post
Why aren't the rest of tennis players juicing, though?
In the whole world, only three players have managed to find the secret of undetectable PED's? Are all the other tennis players too ethical to use them?
They are. Several have been caught. Cilic. Sharapova. The ATP & WTA(much like cycling with Armstrong) is turning a blind eye.

Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I'm not convinced by the first three, the fact that Federer is a physical freak is clearly true to a certain extent but it seems to be a perfect storm of physical perfection, resistance to injury plus a playing style that puts his body through less trauma.

I was amazed on Sunday. Federer is my favourite sportsman of all time but I thought going to 5 was unlikely. The fact that he did it and was arguably the better player on the day was amazing. If he can still pull out a 5 set, 5 hour marathon against another all-time great at the age of nearly 38 then there is no point retiring. He plays like that and he can still win majors (and entertain us all royally at the same time)
Novak says that he hopes to emulate what Roger is doing but I think he, Rafa and Andy Murray are all far more susceptible to injury and are entering the zone where they may be struck down at the drop of a hat (or drop- shot?)

This is a freakish time. 3 players that are arguably the best 3 ever. All resilient enough to be active for over a decade.
The best of the rest has been Andy Murray by a country mile, someone with the skills and consistency good enough for a double digit major record in any other 15 year period. These are the only four people to have held the No 1. status since Feb 2nd 2004. That is an almost sarcastic degree of dominance.

The chasing group will step up, they always do but we are unlikely to see anything like this ever again. The others aren't bad, this top group are simply that good.
Come on. I would not be surprised if Federer is **also ** doping, but at least his style and physique match his age.
Nadal: Went from a scrawny kid to a muscle bound Adonis. Has long layoffs and comes back stronger. And Spanish sports has enough institutional doping to make Russia blush.

Serena: yeah, we know she is doping. We have her test reports. Leaked by wiki leaks. Where she had multiple failed tests. Condoned by doctors notes. (Called “Therapeutic Use Exemptions” or TUE). Including several which were post dated. And issued in violation of rules.

Djokovic. A guy who used to have trouble with stamina, now has no problem multiple 5 set 5 hour matches.
He says it’s because he gave up gluten.
From easily tired to a fucking Duracell.