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Originally Posted by Helmut Doork View Post
It is interesting to think how many slams Roddick would have if he started his career today instead of when he did.
We can play that game all day. Not to diminish Federer's talent, but his impressive record was aided by the fact that the first 5 years of his career, he didn't have to face someone like Djokovic or Nadal. Andy Roddick was his biggest competitor for the first phase of his career. And while Roddick had an impressive serve, he wasn't in the same class as Nole or Rafa. Andre Agassi was in the twilight of his career and Sampras retired in 2002. So Federer definitely lucked out because he the quality of his competition was lacking.

And then Rafa came along, and the rest is history.

And while Nadal entered the race with Federer in the line-up, poor Djokovic had to face either Nadal or Federer, which makes his record even more impressive than either Nadal or Federer.
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