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Originally Posted by Ike Witt View Post
In the 'interesting' category of trades, the Oilers trade Milan Lucic to the Flames for James Neal. I know why the Oilers wanted to make that trade, but I can't figure out why the Flames agreed to it.

ETA: I do too.
Cool! Now if only you had a fetish for reading my second-to-last post a little more closely!

Originally Posted by jz78817 View Post
well, ya never know these days. Vegas took everyone by surprise last year, and the Blues went from zero to hero in half a season. a collection of good players with good coaching can obviously beat out "premier" teams who rely on a superstar.
Of course, but the cards that angry golfer Dale Tallon has to work with are not promising. Even as talented as they are, Keith Yandle has the 2nd worst individual giveaway/takeaway ratio in the NHL, while Mike Matheson and Arron Ekblad (the second having positioning issues) are, respectively, first and fourth in leading the league in giveaways. All defensemen, and all of them posing a m-a-j-o-r liability for Bob, who'll be keeping busy between the pipes next season, to be sure. (and durned-well better not get injured)
Those stats, alone, convince me Flo doesn't stand a chance this coming season, and then you add to that their offense, last season, being 3rd worst in the league in goals scored at 5-on-5.
Always been a fan of Huberdoober-doober-doober-deau, but never been convinced he's been a strong enough leader.
Joel Quenneville is one of the NHL's greatest all-time coaches, but I'll put money on him being totally let down by the end of next season.

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