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I have been a huge Tarantino fan since PF, have caught all of his films since on opening night, but surprisingly only loved 2 of them as I was walking out of the theater (KB1, PF)... because, like much of Monty Python, much of the experience is in the after, the discussions, the quotes, the things you notice a second time.

My daughter and I were driving home tonight and our conversation was as such...


(grins) "What, Dad?"

(still chuckling) "When Brad Pitt snapped his fingers."

"That was awesome. I liked how she wanted to watch herself in the movie."

"Shit, I would too, wouldn't you?"

... nods ...

"Was it one of the Manson girls who sold him that cigarette?"

"I don't know. We'll have to see it again - Tarantino showed him buying it twice, which hints at a stronger connection than usual. He does stuff like that."

"That was a weird movie."

"It was a weird movie. All his movies are weird. They cut in time. They change styles in a flash. There are always homages and references. Sophia, I think there was a time when we went from the movie into a documentary then into a TV show, watched that for a minute or so, then pulled back out into the documentary, finished that, and then returned to our movie. I mean, who the fuck does that?

"But you never, ever, ever lose track of what's going on."

"Hey, yeah! I noticed that, Dad! There was this long sequence that was Leo only and then a couple of quick shots of Bruce Lee appeared. I just started wondering what was going on with Brad Pitt when the film cut to his story.

... pauses...

"... Damn, that's good movie making."

"Did you notice just how much of the film was spent driving?"

"... Yeah. Now that you mention it..."

"Very Los Angeles, 1969. You drove everywhere and a good chunk of your life was in the car. The feel of living in that city, at that time, was very immersive."

"Mind if I play my music?"

"Sure, Sophia," disconnecting my phone from the bluetooth.

"Look, there's a OUaTiH playlist on Spotify!"

... one of the songs starts playing, Sophia starts laughing...

"That was when the..."

... and, continuing, we drove home.

It was awesome, the 3rd QT movie I loved coming out of the theater, and for far fuller, richer reasons than the first two could ever be.