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Hmm, fair enough. I never let facts get in the way of a good argument . Clearly my frustration with his batting has unfairly coloured my perception of his bowling. Nevertheless, is it madness to play without a spinner when we have so many good pace/seam bowlers available? Does it risk the weather making a fool of you if you go for it on the basis of a damp, overcast forecast, only for the sun to come out for four days?

Who would you leave out for Leach?

This is where I align with you - I think the seam up bowling is where you want to be looking to take wickets - but I would want a spinner so you don't get caught out by the pitch and can play for variety and containment. Mo is an attacking spinner but Leach is much more likely to be able to play a good containing role and let the seam up bowlers have at it. Woakes would bat 8. Leach 9.

I can see them picking Mo - if he has a bad test though, they should whip him out quickly for Leach before the series slips away.

The top order is a shambles (as I've mentioned multiple times passim). I've no solutions. I just knnow that they shouldn't be going back to the well with Vince and Ballance - two names mentioned in the rain delay when Atherton, Hussain and Lloyd were chucking around their potential selections for the 1st Test. They've been tried. They've not fixed their failings. Don't pick them. I acknowledge however that the same can be said for several of the current squad.

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