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I'd like to see Bairstow dropped in favour of Foakes, but it's not going to happen.

Bairstow has done nothing in Tests recently - in the last 2 years, his average has been 29, with a high score of 119. It hasn't helped that he's been shoved around the order, but that just shows that they don't really know what to do with him. He's not as good a technical keeper as Foakes, and Foakes has played 5 Tests with an average of 41 - he got 2 tons in Sri Lanka and then it seems that a couple of bad games in the West Indies, where the rest of English batting also did not fair well, has him removed from contention.

As for the rest:


Bowling is a bit more horses-for-courses, but I'd be surprised if Archer didn't get a nod for next week if Anderson is injured. I'd suggest that otherwise, Woakes, Broad and Anderson are pretty much undroppable for the time being.

I hope they stick with Leach, and I repeat my call from earlier in the year for some consistency with the batting lineup. Roy, Burns and Denly especially need to play through, and to feel that they can fail without being immediately chucked out. We've picked them now, re-assess after the ashes.